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Groovy Pointer 3 Psychedelic Mess
Let the loving come back to me..

being in love with someone who doesn’t love you back fucking sucks, as does working all the fucking time and realising that people you thought were friends don’t give a toss about you.

the plus side to all this is he’s still my best friend and i get to have sex with him, i get a lot of money, and i never really liked them anyway.

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Missing my bff loads @ohnozozo xxxx
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He’s touching my nipples :|
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This is how we do it in the country! #farmstylemechanics
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Brian Jones and Jimi Hendrix
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After a month of not taking them, the SSRIs are back. Proud of myself for having tried but unfortunately i couldn’t do it.
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Basil pannacotta with strawberry syrup. #heston #mypuddings #cheflife
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Banana Eton mess with a hazelnut brittle and champagne syllabub #heston #mypuddings #cheflife
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